Coca-Cola Coke ON

Win on the spot with the Coke ON app!

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Collect Coke ON stamps, get 1 free drink!

Collect stamps

Connect to a Coke ON vending machine and buy a drink to collect stamps.
Collect 15 stamps to receive a drink ticket.

Use your ticket

Your drink ticket can be exchanged for free for your drink of choice. Just swipe at the vending machine to receive your drink.

Give or get a gift

Enjoy App with friends! You can give your drink ticket as a gift to a friend.

Use wherever you see this sign

Coke ON can be used with smartphone vending machines.
Search the map in the app to use one right away!

*As of November 2019, there are 330,000 machines across the country.

It's easy to use. Let's get you connected!

Try connecting to a vending machine! Just open Coke ON and
hold your phone near the price display to connect automatically.